4 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Exercise is the best way of staying fit, active and healthy so that you will not face any kind of health problems because being overweight is the root cause of many serious health ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. Therefore it is very important for you to find out the 4 exercise you can do at home as it will help in keeping these health problems at bay and it will also improve the quality of your life.

The 4 exercises you can do at home include –

Pushups- if you want to get the perfect body then you should consider doing pushups at home as it is an excellent exercise that will help you lose the excess fat from your body. You have the option of doing pushups with one hand or two hands, on your knees rather than keeping your logs straight. It will help you build arm strength as you workout the core muscles of your chest area for getting the desired result within a short span of time. Pushups might seem hard and hence you should start slow and gradually progress to the difficult steps so that you can enjoy the entire exercise.

Squats- if you are in search of the most effective exercise for buttocks and legs then squats is the best option for you as it is an easy and simple exercise that offers amazing results. This exercise can be done while standing or sitting from your regular chair so that it does not seem difficult and you can decide the number of repetitions that want to do so that you can enjoy a large number of health benefits. Squats is also known to be a very popular exercise for individuals who are looking for ways to lose weight as it will brace your spine by engaging your abdominal and core muscles and offer excellent balance support.

Side plank- if you want to achieve a healthy body without any fat or excess weight then side plank is an exercise that will help in targeting the small muscle in your body. It will also ensure that your spine health is at its best so that you will not feel any kind of weight and it will help you avoid any kind of pain related issues in your body. Side plank is also known to be a very easy exercise that you do at home where you will just have to lie on your left side while keeping your legs straight and propping yourself on your elbow. It will help you to brace your core so that your hip can form a straight line and you will be able to become fit and healthy.

Butterfly breath- if you want to build your core strength then you should try this exercise that can be done at home so that it will be beneficial for your stomach, torso and back muscles. Butterfly breath involves standing up straight with legs apart and lift your arms straight out at the sides for the right position while doing this exercise.

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